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Evaporation of windows in autumn and winter time

During autumn and winter time many window users ask themselves about evaporation of the glass.
In below three steps we will try to bring You this subject closer:

I. Evaporation of the glass from the inside.
Water vapour condensation on the inner side of the glass always starts in the corner parts, as a result of additional cooling of the pane surface due to thermal bridge. Main causes of sprinkling panes is too high humidity in the rooms, inadequate ventilation and large temperature difference between the interior of the apartment and the outside temperature. Warm and moist air in contact with a cold surface condenses. Excessive moistness that persisting in the apartment for a longer time can cause mould and fungus. It is recommended to check if there is a proper ventilation in the room or all ventilation holes are cleared. Window producers additionally propose to install ventilators which in easy way can by opened or closed either to use window fittings with micro-ventilation. In this case most traditional method is frequent airing of the rooms, recomended in case of appering significant humidity in the room (laundry in the bathroom, intensive cooking).

II. Evaporation of the glass from the outside.
The phenomenon of appearing of water vapor in the inner side of the window most often can be observed in the spring and autumn. It is because of large temperature differences between day and night and high humidity of the air. It is natural physical phenomenon. Intensity of this phenomenon depends from many factors e.g. open space, vegetation and position of the window relative to the directions of the world as well as construction of the ground on which the building is standing (water veins). Unfortunately in this case we do not have a lot influence on this phenomenon.

III. Evaporation inside the glazing package.
If You will notice evaporation of the glass from the inside (glazing package) it means that this package has become unsealed. It is defect of the glazing package. It is recommended to call professional and most likely to change package.

We hope that above explanation will bring you the phenomenon of sprinkling panes.