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Timber Joinery Company was established by two brothers Peter and Luke Galewski who had the idea of selling joinery mainly for export. Was it the right decision? Lets find out.

Mr Peter, whether the decision to start this type of activity was right?
From the perspective of the time which passed I think that the focus on the sale of joinery, was a very good idea. Generally it was idea of my brother Luke to realize such a project. Like I have mentioned in previous interview our education and work experience in joinery has confirmed us in what we have accomplished. Export in any trade is a challenge, however gives more possibilities to show up not only on the european markets but also on the world markets. I remind myself what once had told one of my teachers from the university, that reputation start to gain when You are present on the global market. Above sentence strongly stuck in our heads and successfully we realize it.

Having couple years of experience, now You would do something differently than earlier ? 
Experiences always learn something new and have impact on the good changes. I would not to change anything, because made decisions was thoughtful and accurate. Due to the English name of the Timber Joinery company, we are directing our offer mainly to european and world markets. Most of our orders we realize on the belgian market, because here joinery is selling very well. Our products we sell also to England, Germany, Holland. Even distant Taiwan is not foreign to us. We also serve the Polish market.

Did you had any legal issues in Your export activity?
Every industry needs meticulous observation of the situation in which You have to use appropriate measures of legal nature to stand guard. From the moment of start the business in 2010 only once we had to use appropriate legal measures to take a stance and stand on the side of the customer against to the unfair supplier of the joinery.

Once there was a lot of talk about that Polish products are considered abroad as weak qualitatively. Have You succeeded to erase this wrong opinion or still you are meeting with such a belief?
This stereotype has already gone into oblivion. I do not meet with such conviction that the windows from Polnad are worse. We make sure that the customers receive the highest quality product, well packaged and prepared for transport Our goal is to sell wooden and PCV joinery, as well as products of the highest quality aluminum joinery.

What foreign recipients value in the Polish woodwork?
Foreign customers often choose Polish products because of their reliability and competitive price for which they can receive them. Along with Luke we make sure that final product of Timber Joinery company which leaves Poland, meets the highest expectations of the customer. Many of our customers in thanks to for the fulfillment of their expectations sends us photos of mounted windows.

In what Polish manufacturers of the joinery could be even better in?
It is possible to conclude from observation of the market that Polish producers are better fulfilling orders entrusted them of making window frames. The Market of PVC windows is ruling with other requirements in comparison to wooden windows.Wood is more demanding product which often need to devote more time. Here I see so called narrow throat in expectation for manufactured windows.Target customers many times I don't realize that the time of a production process of wooden windows can take out even from 5 to 6 weeks. However he agrees on that.The customer can recieve PCV windows after 2 or 3 from placing an order. Second very important aspect is proper protection of the windows in the transport and logistics - responsible, diligent and reliable carrier cannot be overestimated. A very important element in both cases is the high aesthetics of the workmanship to which we put the strong emphasis.

What structures are often purchased ?
It depends from the region where You are selling joinery. England mainly prefers Casement type of the wooden windows structure and traditional english windows of Sash type. Belgian or German clients are choosing traditional solutions of windows opening inward. There has been a move away from the tendency of white color with a predominance of anthracite for example in Belgium.