Timber-alu windows

Material: pine, meranti (mahogany), oak, larch
Alu-clad from outside (all colours available - RAL palette)
Types of opening: turn, tilt, turn&tilt, fixed, Scandinavian (outward opening, top turn, top hung, top swing, side hung, side swing), sash windows
Types of glazing: low-E (argon filled, U-value 0,6-1,1 W/m2K), safe, toughened, anti-burglary class P1, P2 & P4, antisol, reflex, self-cleaning, acoustic, matt-sanded, obscured glass, warm spacer bars, and many others
Hardware: standard, safe, antiburglary in class: WK1, WK2 and WK3
Other options: vents, bars (inner, construction, glue on bars, click on bars), timber decorative elements

Colours (translucent-lazures):

RAL colours (opaque):

Profile EURO-ALU - UK/scandinavian outward opening system, double glazed units possible

Profile EURO-ALU - UK/scandinavian outward opening system, tripple glazed units possible

Profile NordWin - The NORDWIN aluminium system may be mounted without changes in the wood crosssection. The additional processing of glass beads, which is normally time-consuming and costly, is not necessary here as the aluminium sash profile replaces the glass beads. Aluminium frames are mounted field-by-field onto a multipart window, which allows for efficient installation of the aluminium frames. Mullion, transom, fixed glazing, double rebated, and component coupling are possible as well. Profiles create clear lines with small radii at the exposed edge Thermal insulation values of one-sash window measuring 1230x1480mm. Double-pane insulating glass unit (1,0 W/m2K) Uw =1,2 W/m2K.

Profile PURO - wooden-aluminum windows with modern form. PURO is an innovative line of windows characterized by a flat shape of aluminum profiles, making the window similar to the solutions used in the construction of the facades. PURO window is characterized by a straight line of aluminum profiles - this is a very stylish and also modern design for customers who value innovative solutions. Compact and solid PURO construction allowed to obtain very good thermal insulation coefficient (glass - Ug = 0.5 (W/m2K), for the whole window Uw = 0.9 (W/m2K).

Profile PURO PASSIVE - The new PURO PASSIVE line introduces wooden and aluminium windows of state-of-the-art design. This window system has been designed based on the existing and extremely successful PURO SYSTEM. The Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt certification means that the windows meet stringent requirements for passive houses, Uf≤ 0.8 W/( m2K) with the use of triple-glazing package with Ug = 0.7 W/m2K . To further rise the technical parameters of PURO PASSIVE, our windows are offered, in standard, with even higher thermal insulation package of Ug= 0.5 W/m2K, which finally gives the ratio of Uw= 0.66 W/m2K.

Profile Timber-Alu 68 - Aluclad 68mm inward opening windows. A delicately rounded shape frame which is protected by aluminium cover from the outside. It not only provides additional protection to the wood frame but also a decoration to the facade. Joining wood and aluminium allows for maximum usage of its functionality and decoration of each of these materials. Outside aluminium frame guarantees real durability. Inside wooden frame provides warmth and beauty.

Profile Timber-Alu 78 - Aluclad 78mm inward opening windows. Energy efficiency rating of 78mm windows has been increased by 30% by using glass with thermal conductivity coefficient of U=0,7 (to compare with 68mm windows with U=1,1). Aluclad 78mm wooden windows, with their outstanding technical parameters and natural look, fit perfectly to modern construction buildings as well as to those more traditional design buildings.

Profile Timber-Alu 88 - Aluclad 88mm wooden windows. Energy saving in today’s construction is fundamental. Because of that, the role of the windows with higher thermal parameters is becoming more significant. Energy efficiency rating Aluclad 88mm windows has been increased by 50% by using glass with thermal conductivity coefficient of U=0,5 (to compare with 68mm profile windows with U=1,1).

Classic, Soft-line, Linear, Retro, inward opening profile